The Scientific Activities

The Scientific Committee, was established in 2006 by the founding psychoanalytic professionals of the IASPS. The committee put forth a goal to build an inclusive framework for professional psychoanalytic interchange in diverse topics, ranging from developments in the psychoanalytic theory of Self Psychology and their clinical implications, to interdisciplinary dialogue with leading figures in Arts, Humanities, and Liberal Politics.

The vast array of learning forums offered by the IASPS, were designed by the Scientific Committee to allow inquisitive theoretical discussions on the core facets of the human spirit, as it is explicated by Self Psychology.

The Israeli contributions to Self Psychology, emphasize Heinz Kohut’s theory of Empathy, as the center of gravity for all psychological and social understandings. Thus, a profound commitment for social responsibility and social change, is at the heart of our discourse, embedding Self Psychology beyond clinical practice.

The Scientific Committee has established several long running monthly as well as annual programs. To provide a platform for the presentation of original clinically based articles. The many presentations given over the past 12 years have become unique contributions to the advancement of Self Psychology, as a developing field of research.

At the core of the Scientific Committees’ programs, is a monthly seminar held between January and June, since the year 2006. These seminars welcome all IASPS members, from undergraduate students beginning their professional training, to senior clinicians and supervising psychoanalysts. As well as clinical professionals from other schools of thought. The seminars are open to the general public, as a window to Self Psychology. Showcasing the exceptional bodies of work written by senior members of the IASPS and their contribution to the study of Self Psychology, and inviting an advanced theoretical exchange. Students of all three postgraduate programs of the IASPS are also invited to share case presentations, in the format of a large-group clinical seminar, followed by a theoretical discussion by a supervising therapist.

The Scientific Committee holds two annual conferences. The first, is an unprecedented collaborative exchange of thoughts in the realm of Self Psychology. The theme of the conference is built around a theatrical dramatic play, performed by the National Theatre. Preceded by highly distinguished guest lecturers, including world renowned authors, leading poets, playwrights and stage actors. These inspiring collaborations have been an unparalleled, remarkable setting for the display of the Self Psychological ideas and ideals, as they are expressed through prominent works of art, mainly literature, theatrical or modern dance performances.

The second annual conference, is held exclusively for IASPS members, at the end of each academic year. This conference aims to provide an opportunity for a close meeting in small working groups, where members, teachers and students of all IASPS Post Graduate programs, past and present, come together in dialogue.

The teaching seminars and lectures that have been given over the past 12 years, will soon be available through the IASPS YouTube channel.
Members of the Scientific Committee
Ayala Ariav
Iris Liberman
Michal Newborn
Gilly Davidson
Mira Horwitz